Spindown problem with OMV and seafile

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I set up a BananaPi with Raspian for BananaPi with OMV from here:

I use an 16 GB SDHC card and a 320 GB HDD (Ext4) at the Pi.

OMV is working fine, I installed it yesterday in the evening. I tried the the spindown options from OMV (Datenspeicher->Reale Festplatten->Bearbeiten in the German version), they work without any problem.

Today I set up seafile 4.0.1 parallel to OMV. Installation runs without problems too. Seafile data are located on the HDD of course.

Now the HDD spins down after ~30 seconds, independent of the time I had set up in the OMV options.

The OMV options change the hdparm.conf correctly, I checked that manually.

It looks like seafile send the hdparm -y /dev/sda command after 30 seconds.

I want a spindown time of 5 to 10 minutes any ideas?

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I comment out the seafile startup in the crontab and perform a reboot. But nothing changes. Spindown after ~30 seconds. Timeout Value is 120 = 10 minutes...

I need help please. How can i figure out what cause the HDDto spin down?
If a process really calls hdparm to let disks spin down on demand and you find no way to disable this then it might be an idea to create a simple wrapper script around hdparm that passes through all calls to hdparm.orig and refuses to execute "hdparm -y". You would've to rename the hdparm binary prior to that and check whether its behaviour depend on how it's called (some CLI tools heavily make use of this and check ${0} to have a clue what to do)

I found the issue.

It's my HDD. If you set the APM to other values then 255 it spins down after ~30 seconds. If the apm value is set to 255 (hdparm -B 255 /dev/sda) the spindown time works as expected and can be set up with OMV or direct in the hdparm.conf.

This behaviour is also described here: (German website, sorry).

Thanks for reading.

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