Banana Pi transmission download too slow

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im using transmission 2.84  and the downloand speed is not as fast as on my win7 laptop.(on notebook 10MB/s, bpi 3MB/s) there are no up/download limits set.
could anyone help me with this?
oh im using Ryad's arch linux image. and tried with deluge too with the same result
Do the ethenet cable is 1000M or 100M ?

Are you downloading to USB or SATA hard drive on the Banana Pi? If you are using the SD card as storage that could be the issue. Benchmarks here show you can transfer data at 47.6 MB/s over FTP to a SATA drive connected on the Banana Pi.

I found transmission was always slow and locked up my router etc.

Have since moved to DELUGE.

Much better

Try that.

See here: http://forum.lemaker.org/thread-9332-1-1-.html

Hi Banana Joe,
Again thanks for using my image

I just installed rtorrent and downloaded the current Arch Iso ( https://www.archlinux.org/releng/releases/2015.02.01/torrent/ ) with about 5.8 MB/s (which is the maximum of my internet connection). No problems here, CPU usage about 20-50%.

I used this ~/.rtorrent.rc:
  1. min_peers = 40
  2. max_peers = 52

  3. min_peers_seed = 10
  4. max_peers_seed = 52

  5. max_uploads = 8

  6. check_hash = yes
  7. directory = <TORRENT_DIRECTORY>
  8. port_range = 49164-49164
  9. encryption = allow_incoming,try_outgoing,enable_retry
  10. dht = auto
  11. dht_port = 6881
  12. peer_exchange = yes
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Maybe you give it a try?

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blindpet replied at Sun Feb 8, 2015 12:56
Benchmarks here show you can transfer data at 47.6 MB/s over FTP to a SATA drive connected on the Banana Pi

Nope. If you read the benchmark description carefully then you'll realize that the BPi was the FTP server. And the results (26.3 MB/s upload from Windows client to BPi and just 47.6 MB/s download from BPi to Windows) aren't good either. If you've setup things correctly you're able to transfer nearly 35-40 MB/s from client to BPi with data on a SATA disk and in the other direction ~60 MB/s with kernel 3.4.x and over 70 MB/s with mainline:

It's impossible to push data to a disk connected to a BPi with more than ~45 MB/s since this is the maximum local I/O write throughput possible at the moment (maybe driver improvements will change this in the future). If you want to get a clue where's a bottleneck then the most easy approach is to have a look. At every subsystem individually (that means measuring storage locally with iozone/bonnie++, measuring the network individually with iperf/netperf and so on).  

Regarding LAN setups you might get some basics here:

http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... 2&fromuid=33332
http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... 7&fromuid=33332

If transfers to/from Internet are involved then the aforementioned basic benchmark tests are only able to get a clue that your local setup (either LAN or storage) isn't the bottleneck and therefore either internet connection or the tool in question has to be blamed

tkaiser, that is exactly what I said about the FTP server. I wrote the benchmark post so I know what it says ;) I was just pointing out the actual throughput possible and was implying it is their internet connection or some other issue unrelated to the Banana Pi's hardware.

thanks for the suggestion. i had no time to try them out, maybe this week. some additional info i am downloading to usb external drive. tried with a sata connected drive too but the speed was the same(used ntfs and ext4). i am going to try the rtorrent first

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