Android Image with a few fixes

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I have modified the Android 2.0 image and made a few fixes as below:

1) SD card wouldn't mount as internal storage
2) Custom Launcher has been removed and set to a default Android launcher

Thank you !

Thank you !

Thank You! How as I can get a full version of playstore or will I need to install blackmarket?

Burn with widows again ... snif !

Thank You! How as I can get a full version of playstore or will I need to install blackmarket?
FAGMARTINEZ Posted at 2014-7-23 07:27

The Google Play Store app that comes with the image is 'full version', though it may need an update (handled automagically), like any other app included with an Android device (or image). The important thing to remember is that you must use a valid google account, just as with any other Android device. Otherwise the app store and other Google services will not work correctly (so may seem not to be 'full version').

Best regards: dlanor

thanks for your reply dlanor, i have a google acount. I have set up the account, I entered the googleplay, but will not let me install many applications, such as youtube, tells me that the device is not supported, so we thought it was the version of googleplay.

Thanks Again.

I see. That problem is probably due to the non-standard nature of Banana Pi Android.

The Android image we use was originally for a tablet, and has been modified to work on the Banana Pi hardware. Clearly the Google Play Store has problems identifying whether apps are compatible or not, and needlessly blocks some from installing even though many of those would work fine.

I solve this by downloading apps to another device, and then either backing up its APK files to a PC or downloading the same apps directly to the PC, using various tools for that purpose. (But the simplest way is probably to use one of the Android apps designed for such backup.) With an app collection on a PC it is then a simple matter to install any of those apps on any Android device by using some file manager app with app side-loading abilities. This works fine except for the few cases where the new app really is incompatible to the device.

My own favorite file manager is the "ES File Explorer" which is a free app on GooglePlay, and is compatible to every device I ever tried it on. This lets me install apps on the Banana Pi simply by browsing the file manager to an SMB share of the PC where my app collection is stored, and doing the install over LAN.

Best regards: dlanor

Check another app store for this problem, for instance APTOIDE, they have always same content than googleplay and install everything without any compatibility check ....

Never thought about an alternative app store.
Might try that, not logging in would also be great

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