Android Image with a few fixes

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That might be interesting, except that right now their main site seems to be down...
Also, that kind of uncontrolled app store could easily become a malware center...
The rigorous checks at GooglePlay may seem tedious at times, but they do add security.

Best regards: dlanor

Not sure if you can but if you can try the Amazon app store..
It should not care what the device is.

That's true. I've used the Amazon app store myself on my OUYA, even before I got it rooted.
So it should work just as well for the BPi.

Best regards: dlanor

I have now installed both the Amazon app store and the Aptoide app store on my BPi, and after testing them a little I am now very suspicious about the latter.

The Aptoide app store claims to offer updates for both Amazon and Google specific apps, such as both app stores as well as the crucially important 'Google Services', and they claim to have such updates with MUCH higher version numbers than those offered in the official releases at Amazon and Google pages. To me this smells very very VERY fishy...

That is exactly what malware spreaders would do... And what no one else would do...

I'm not saying that I have proof of any malware.
(I'm certainly not taking the risk of installing those 'updates' just to get proof.)

But I am saying that the fact that they offer updates beyond what the manufacturers state as existing, for both Amazon and Google, is suspicious in the extreme...

Best regards: dlanor

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I figured out the 'wrong device id' (google play store cant find anything ) with the Market Helper app. I choosed Nexus 10 tablet to device type and set the country and mobile provider to my country.

Now it is all ok with Play Store i cant find everything what i need.

Best regards: peetr04

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the internal storage, I cant download anything, I read that the member Mattrix was working on this, exist any custom ROM with the problem fixed?

Thanks for sharing, this is really nice image..

To get a full version of Play Store, refer to this google play store

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