OpenELEC for ARMv7

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Since OpenELEC has some stable ARMv7 builds out could these images be ported to the BPi/BPro?


All you have to do is unpack it into a properly prepared SD Card for Banana PI (assume you prepare U-BOOT etc: http://wiki.lemaker.org/Building_u-boot,_script.bin_and_linux-kernel)

Copy kernel in /boot (uImage or what you have)
Copy modules /lib/modules
Copy firmwares in /lib/firmwares

Verify that you don't need particular udev rules (/etc/udev/rules.d) for your platform
Verify wether you need some modules to be loaded at startup (write their name into /etc/modules)
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I think the main problem is hardware video decoding on the BPI which is done in the GPU (Mali400MP2) not the CPU (Armv7)

However, what is hopeful is that there new support partner WETEK has a device that uses the same GPU and they will soon be releasing a new image for this.
This may contain all the hardware video code we need for the BPI

Wow that would be awesome!

Looking forward to that!

mattrix replied at Mon Feb 9, 2015 21:44
I think the main problem is hardware video decoding on the BPI which is done in the GPU (Mali400MP2) ...

Hello Matrix!

I've searched and found a image file with OPEN-ELEC for the weTek WePlay boxes.
It contains the distro and maybe someone with the knowledge like you can extract the needed files for full Mali-400 support and import it to our images.

Here are some interesting links:

*.img : https://mega.co.nz/#!HRZ3kTrZ!B9 ... iLvQ_39ucO_YtpDuBtw

Announcement: http://openelec.tv/news/21-partn ... sponsor-of-openelec

The official Dl-page from where I have this MEGA link: https://wetek.com/downloads

I would give it a try too, but I have no idea where the files are...
pn me if you have the time and willing to give me instructions!

Have a good day everyone!

yhea my knowledge is severely limited too, absolutely no knowledge about this subject unfortunatly.

Openelec working on Bpi would be glorious, but (always but) I don´t know how legal can be, DRM, licenses, etc......... I hope, I´m be wrong, but i have bad feelings about this.

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hi to everybody

recently I received BannaPi from my girlfriend as birthday gift and as big fan of OpenELEC I started researching and even buying this Wetek Play device. As biggest problem at BannaPi what I see is that Allwinner never released Cedar library source so hardware decoding of audio and video is not working, and CPU is not able to handle decode

I buy WeTek Play with DVB-T/C tuner and device really work great and I wish I can use my USB tuner with Bannana Pi, but again problem is Cedar X library for HW audio and video decoding.

Wetek Play is using AMLogic MX processor with same GPU but main difference is that wetek play have hardware decoding supported in OpenELEC and Kodi over libAmcodec from AMLogic and i am really surprised how everything work excellent Live TV, movies in 1080p with high bitrate and streams too.

They also released OpenELEC 5.0.5 (http://wetekforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=531), I dont know how we can port this to BannanaPi and how is possible, any idea?

Specification of Bannana Pi is almost same as Wetek Play http://kodi.wiki/view/WeTek_Play

It would be great yes, but unfortunately there aren't that many people who can do this...

So the goal would be to reverse engineer the cedar x lib, because allwinner is not going to do it für the banana pi?
I'm not sure if I get this right. Isn't cedar x used with the A20 and not with the gpu?

This may be a starting point. But I certainly can't do this.

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