OpenELEC for ARMv7

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Hi osiris

Unfortunately that project give some steps ahead but still no significant step is done to enable full usage of HW acceleration and full juice of Cedar lib. I simply dont understand what a hell Allwinner is thinking.

I like Bannana Pi but for me is enough. Will stick with Wetek Play and wait if one day we receive OpenELEc with fully working hw video and audio decoding support

I found this, same story even with new SoC from Allwinner:

http://www.cnx-software.com/2015 ... es-and-copyrtights/

Vidon.me released a XBMC apk wich supports A20 processors AND because their box AV100 has a Mali400MP2 GPU, we could have hardware acceleration on the BananaPi/Pro!

Look at my post for more information:  http://forum.lemaker.org/thread- ... n_me_xbmc_h_w_.html

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