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Lightweight, Electric/Solar/Petrol Hybrid with integrated Pi's

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I am starting a 3 phase project and I will be concentrating on phase 1. In phase 1, I will be building a lightweight utility/camper/boat trailer. I have designed the frame to be extra solid merging several designs into one. I will be building the shell of the trailer using a laminating process I designed using durafoam board as the shell with chicken coop fencing supported in the middle of the durafoam then fill with urethane boat foam kit and then fibreglassed in and out. I will have a beam system to hold the weight of the boat which will be mounted on the top of the trailer with a winch and removable rail system to mount and unmount. I will use a combination of rasberry pi and banana pi to tie my trailer, boat , and towing vehicle together and in synch. I want to run a naval system on the boat including water temp wind direction and force emergency channel for I will also have about 2000 watts in laminated solar panels that I want to monitor output and usage information as well as a management system for electric motor ( MAYBE A PI CONTROLLER/environmental control/ entertainment box. and the boat will be solar electric jetski type setup I also have a few square yards of kevlar and carbon fibre to reinforce the lowest parts. I will even out a sonar probe on every side of the  oat to prevent t collisions while at float. The boat will eventually be a mini trimoran with cockpit and bachelor size accommodations and every pi gadget I can put in to enhance the design. The trailer will be a utility trailer that has a small living component that will acomodate 4 for sleeping and an a portable outside meshed area for entertaining. The living area will be building off the trailer with pre built light weight panels held up by brackets on the trailer and poles that have outriggers and leveling jacks built in. All panels and out rigging gear will be stackable on the sides of the trailer for compact storage. Roofing roof Jacks will be modified to accept a sprocket where the know is and will tie into the pi system to incline and allow to slope the boat so that it might slide down the detachable ramps and the built in double purpose hoist will lower and hoist the boat on top of the trailer as well as serve as the door opener for the trailer which will be based on a garage door setup with 2 pulleys hung up high ans 2 tow cables tied together at the end with an attachmeet for hooking up the winch. There is so much more so I hope I can get the help I need and support as well.
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