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Hey there,

Have the schematics been released for this board yet?

I have seen a couple people ask with no real answer, but I'm on Lubuntu, have the hardware support installed and it errors on a broken/null file descriptor (I assume the device). It *did* say there was bluetooth on board but looking at it I don't see anything relating to bluetooth :\

If this is a part of some of the boards what would I be looking for to see if the model came with it or not?

Thx :3

Banana Pro has no bluetooth onboard. Where did you get this (wrong) information ?

Haha, eBay. I thought I read it elsewhere though.

Thanks, that saves me time. I can just use USB then.

The current module on Banana Pro is AP6181, it is wifi only. The similar chip AP6210 has wifi and bluetooth.

Cool, thanks :3

Shouldn't be much of a problem since I can just use a USB dongle but I might also try and wire something in for space.

Also, one more quick question - since it seems like this was designed using a Harvard Architecture (as opposed to von Neumann) are there any plans to be able to upgrade the RAM? I'd imagine that would be fairly easy to implement in the hardware. Additional CPU... Well, probably not >.<

I have a RAM chip I reflowed off around here too. I wonder what would happen if I hooked it to the same pins (besides the eeprom). Doubtful it would recognize it or possibly even startup but maybe could tweak the .fex, who knows? The only problem is distance to the CPU but I don't think they are much thicker than the USB port if they were stacked vertically (and I also don't know the thermal implications).

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