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I found conflicting info about SATA support on the banana Pi(I have the original version, not the pro).
Do I need to use a laptop HDD(2.5'') or can I use a regular size 3.5'' desktop HDD as well?
You may use a 3.5" disk but you will also need a 12V power supply, besides the regular 5V 2A PS for BPI and Sata disk.
This addon for Cubietruck should work as well:
http://cubieboard.org/2013/09/24 ... -hdd-on-cubieboard/

I understand.
Thank you for the info.

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All you need is a dual voltage PSU. If you buy an 'USB to SATA' adapter such a thing is included:

You could even power both HDD and BPi with this PSU if you connect 5V/GND from the PSU also to a Micro-USB-cable (the larger the cable diameter the better!)

A 3.5" SATA HDD normally needs a peak of ~2A/12V to spin up so the 2A/5V supplied by the PSU are enough for both BPi and HDD since 3.5" HDDs don't need that much current on the 5V rail.

Hi guys,

I already have that type of adapter. But something strange is happening.

Here's the deal: I got this HDD: http://www.hgst.com/hard-drives/ ... s/travelstar-5k1000
On the label it says it requires 5V @ 700mA. I connected it to the BPi via one of those special cables which allows directly connecting the power to the banana pi. It was not recognised by the OS and I got an error about resetting at a link in /var/log/messages and I kept hearing a clicking noise.
OK, maybe the power is not enough to spin up I said so I remembered I had one these kits with an external PSU for PATA and SATA. Now, that PSU says it provides 12V/5V at 2A. Strange thing is that even with that PSU the HDD is not recognised and I hear the same clicking sound.
The HDD does work - I have connected it in my PC and in an external rack and it does work properly(I tested it after attaching to the BPi to make sure I didn't damage it).

Could it be that both the BPi cable and my PSU have the 5V and the GND wires inverted?
I have a 2.1 A source powering the banana Pi. What do you guys thing?

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crazyquark replied at Tue Mar 17, 2015 01:53
Could it be that both the BPi cable and my PSU have the 5V and the GND wires inverted?

No, the inverted signal problem applies only to the 5V SATA power connector (Cubie + Linksprite connectors do it this way and LeMaker the other way so you can't exchange the SATA connectors of both).

I would use again the PC to connect the SATA data to the PC and try to power the HDD up from your external PSU. If that does not work then you know it's the PSU's fault.

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I will try that.
The PSU has a molex connector and then it has a molex to sata power adapter. If I remember correctly that thing has only 2 or 3 wires - I suspect it only outputs the 12V rail and not the 5V one which I need. I suspect that would be the issue. I will look for another molex to sata power adapter(I have some spares lying around from my old PSU).

Also, how would one split the 5V between a sata power connector and a micro usb? Are there such cables or you need to hack one?

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crazyquark replied at Tue Mar 17, 2015 02:33
If I remember correctly that thing has only 2 or 3 wires

With 2 wires it's impossible because the red wire has to supply 5V and the yellow one 12V (black is GND and as far as I know it's totally ok to use shared GND). If either one is missing 3.5" HDDs (and some 2.5" like WD VelociRaptor) won't be useable.

Regarding one PSU for both Banana and HDD you would need either basic soldering skills (and both an Y SATA power adapter and a short SATA power extender cable that you combine with a Micro-USB cable) or an appropriate PSU where you can attach power cables using screws. I use the same Igor recommends but bought it from Aliexpress if I remember correctly.

You can see it here in the background in a test setup providing power to a Banana Pi (and a Samsung EVO 840 connected to the BPi's SATA power connector) and a 3.5" Seagate Barracuda. It's one single small PSU for a large HDD, a small SSD and the Banana Pi:

There are also kits available that utilize only a 12V PSU from cubietech. But beware of the inverted 5V SATA power connector (you would still need to solder something)

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Thank you for the detailed info.
I am OK with a soldering iron .
Yeah, I am probably wrong about the wires on the molex to sata cable, I don't have with me right now but I will check.

I think I understand. That PSU looks interesting .
Thanks again.

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Thanks for all the information in this thread - as a Banana Pi newbie I found it really useful

I soldered up a simple cable to power both my Pi and a 3.5" HDD from a cheap dual-voltage 12V/5V PSU:

Disassembled spare SATA-molex power cable, and chopped the 2 pin plug+wires from a Pi HDD power+data cable

Soldered the +5V and ground pins together, ready to plug into the 4 pin molex PSU

Single PSU powering Banana Pi via the SATA power port, as well as a 3.5" HDD

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