Can't see harddisk in Rasbian V3

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I created a SD card with the Raspian V3 image. When I boot it, I can't see the harddisk that I have attached to the SATA port. Dmesg doesn't show anything and there is also no /dev/sda.

What do I need to do to use a harddisk?
What sata cable did you use?

This one: https://secure.reichelt.de/Progr ... &OFFSET=16&

I bought it together with the Banana Pi.

I use this cable too. I tried it 5 minutes ago. I can see the hard drive on the left of  File Manager

I currently only have SSH access to the system and there I see that the disk neither shows up under /dev/disk/by-id nor in /dev as sda.

Sata need password to mount it !

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Can you be a little bit more specific? Which password is needed and where? As long as there is not even a device file for the device, I can't see where a password would help...

To me it looks like the disk is not even getting power from the cable. Do I need to "enable" the sata port and sata power port somehow in config.txt before I can use it?

I gave up and will send the whole stuff back.

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the password is bananapi
maybe you have not enough power for the disk. a 2,5" hdd needs 5V 0,55A.
you may need a stable 2A usb power charger (goobay usb charger have a stable 5V at 2A with low noise!).
or try a smartphone usb charger with more than 1A output.

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I created a SD card with the Raspian V3 image. When I boot it, I can't see the harddisk that I have  ...
reibuehl Posted at 2014-7-15 14:51

Hi reibuehl,

I see you bought at reichelt.de,
if you prefer german, here the german version:


Es gibt ein paar Dinge die du prüfen kannst.
Zu aller erst, startet die Festplatte mit dem Banana Pi mit?

Du kannst dies testen indem du ein Ohr dran hälst,
wenn du ein periodisches Klicken hörst bekommt die
Festplatte nicht genügend Strom vom Banana Pi.

Dies kann zwei Gründe haben:

Erstens, dein Netzteil ist nicht stark genug um
die Festplatte wärend des anlaufens zu versorgen.

Zweitens, dein Micro-USB Kabel ist nicht
für solch einen Betrieb geeignet.

Ich habe zwei Micro-USB Kabel die nicht funktionieren,
obwohl sie am gleichen Netzteil wie das Dritte angeschlossen
waren. ( Das Dritte ist von meinem Handy, damit geht es. )

Außerdem kannst du noch schauen ob das SATA Stromkabel
am Banana Pi richtig herum sitzt, das rote Kabel sollte
zum Micro-USB bzw. SATA Port, also nach rechts, zeigen.

Ich hoffe das hilft.


There are a few things that you can check, first of
all does the HDD startup with the Banana Pi?

You can test this by leaning in and turning an ear
to the HDD. If you hear a rhythmic *click* *click* *click*
the HDD does not get enough power from the BPi.

This can have two reasons:

One, your power supply is not strong enough for
the spin up of the drive.
Two, your micro-USB cable is not suited for such use.

I have two micro-USB cables that don't work with the BPi + HDD
on the same power supply, the last one ( from my mobile phone )

Furthermore, be sure that on the Banana Pi side the wire of
the connector that points to the SATA and micro-USB Port
( the right side if you look from the top ) is the red one.
Or in short: The red wire should be on the right side of the plug.

I hope this helps.


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