Cpu_freq not working?

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cpufrequtils fails to set the cpu frequency in my clean installation of bananian 15.01

dmesg shows
  1. [    7.977001] deviceless supply Vcore not found, using dummy regulator
  2. [    7.987472] dummy: Failed to create debugfs directory
  3. [    7.998528] [cpu_freq] INF:-------------------V-F Table-------------------
  4. [    8.010509] [cpu_freq] INF:  voltage = 1450mv        frequency = 1008MHz
  5. [    8.021702] [cpu_freq] INF:  voltage = 1425mv        frequency =  912MHz
  6. [    8.032909] [cpu_freq] INF:  voltage = 1350mv        frequency =  864MHz
  7. [    8.044102] [cpu_freq] INF:  voltage = 1250mv        frequency =  720MHz
  8. [    8.055303] [cpu_freq] INF:  voltage = 1150mv        frequency =  528MHz
  9. [    8.066513] [cpu_freq] INF:  voltage = 1100mv        frequency =  312MHz
  10. [    8.077711] [cpu_freq] INF:  voltage = 1050mv        frequency =  144MHz
  11. [    8.088903] [cpu_freq] INF:  voltage = 1000mv        frequency =    0MHz
  12. [    8.100871] [cpu_freq] INF:-----------------------------------------------
  13. [    8.117543] [cpu_freq] INF:sunxi_cpufreq_initcall, get cpu frequency from sys                             config, max freq: 912MHz, min freq: 720MHz
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and later
  1. [cpu_freq] ERR:try to set voltage failed!
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cpufreq-info says that the current CPU frequency is 384 MHz for both cores.

What could be the problem?
Which board?

I'm using the normal Banana PI.
Could it be a problem with the driver?
lsmod gives me:
  1. root@bananapi ~ #  lsmod |grep cpu
  2. cpufreq_stats           5908  0
  3. cpufreq_userspace       3524  0
  4. cpufreq_conservative     5712  0
  5. cpufreq_powersave       1242  0
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Thanks in advance for your help!

I have the same problem.
Today I restart my Banana Pro and inside syslog there is many mesages like this:
  1. [cpu_freq] ERR:try to set voltage failed!
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I have Bananian v15.01 with all distribution updates.
Is somebody who can help?

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When I restarted Banana with command:
  1. shutdown -r 0
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the problem exists all the time.

I tried to shutdown Banana with command:
  1. shutdown -h 0
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then disconnect power cable and connect it again to boot system.
Now error message not exists. CPU Frequency: 600 MHz - 1.0 GHz (correct).

Shutdown or reboot did not help for me.

I think there is a problem with the kernel. This Debian Wheezy image based on Kernel 3.19.0 works as expected without error messages.

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I have the same issue. This message spams my logs:
  1. [cpu_freq] ERR:try to set voltage failed!
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It started a while ago when I upgraded the kernel. I compiled the kernel as described in the manual (wiki) with default configuration. So now I have that one:
  1. Linux lemaker 3.4.103+ #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Jan 31 08:47:44 CET 2015 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux
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on lubuntu with normal banana pi (not pro).

Shutting down the system or remove power cable doesn't solve the problem.

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