Banana PI - Multi Boot OS (Lubuntu and Android)

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Hello community
I would like to install 2 operating systems
on my Banana PI (Multi OS or dual boot)

The device should be able to support this.
Does anyone have that experience or someone knows a tutorial?

Operating system (1) = Lubuntu
Operating system (2) = ANDROID

How can I implement this. Thank you for your help

Greetings STONE
The Android system apparently uses an abnormal partition structure, which is not compatible to any of the other OS images. For this reason I don't think it will be possible to combine the Android system with others using any multi/dual boot methods.

This abnormal structure is also part of the reason why the Android image must be flashed with different tools than the normal OS images.

Best regards: dlanor

oooohhh that sound bad ;-/

ok an if i have a bootmanager?
more partitions? But it is not possible to select the partition. the sd card will be erased fully


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