manual for BPi - R1 setup

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Tido replied at Fri Jun 5, 2015 08:16
just a bumper to get back on the first page

just a bumper to get back on the first page, see first posting

I have updated the manual with a more recent armbian version.

I recommend you to give it a try.

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There was a broken Link to download the image-file. It is now fixed and you can walk easy through the manual to get the R1 up and running.


I just bought such a Lomobo Board and I want to use as WLAN Router. Now I've got running recent Bananian but WLAN n AP is not stable (running in b/g mode is no problem). So I want to try Tido's Howto. Is there a chance to get a stable WLAN n AP with Armbian? Is it necessary to use the outdated version 4.2 from Tido's HowTo?
Thanks in advance

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