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Hello guys,

I installed le media with XBMC Gotham and i installed the program transmission for download torrent. I downloaded film [ .avi ] , [ .mp4 ] and [ .mkv ] , but the [ .mp4 ] and [ .mkv ] run just audio but image no.

Can help me ?

best regards,
Have you tried to play the files on your Computer?
Because this it not a normal behavior. I watch *.avi *.mp4 files with no problems.

It works fine with mkv's i have had it working no probs. mp4 are a bit troublesome. it cant play high quality stuff like 1080p and 720p. try going for lower quality rips that are avi. I have converted my own videos so that they run. it likes mpeg4 xvid and but i think the h264 or whatever it is, is the video encodin it works best on.

Forgive me mates but this is the only thread i find about video format.  i just have a very related and similar problem. Can I post it here to look for an answer. Did you heard about the output format - FBR? because recently i used this video screen capture program whose name is BB Flashback, to record high quality videos. However, the output video produced by this application was an FBR video file. I couldn't play it in windows media player or vlc. Later I found this article (http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/convert-fbr-to-mp4.html) and required that first of all, i must convert FBR file to mp4 format . What i want to know is whether converting video is the only available method to fix this issue because video compression often causes quality loss to some degree (the original video is 1080p 60 fps) and if there is an alternative method such as changing a file's .extension or trying another more compatible video player?

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