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Hello everyone. I have a problem with my banana pi running latest Bananian. I installed on it lxde using apt-get install task-lxde-desktop, but because I wanted to start it manually, i was looking for a way to use startx command instead of auto launching lxde. I managed to achive it by renaming S03lightdm files in etc/rc2.d, etc/rc3.d, etc/rc4.d, etc/rc5.d, but now I have following problem. After boot, in the same second when you get login prompt, my screen is dimming fast to completely black. I can enter login and password without seeing anything on screen, and then console appears. If I try to change tty using alt+F2 screen dimmes black again. When I come back with alt+F1 every thing is ok. I tried to find solution but couldnt. Please help
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