No HDMI Output, no Ethernet

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i try to use my brand new banana pro with the newest version of bananian. i connected LAN, HDMI and a 5V 2A Power supply. As i inserted the sd and plugged in the power, the red LED lighted up, the green one a second later. but the problem is that i don't have network connection, so no SSH, and i don't get any output via HDMI. The LEDs on the RJ45 port don't even start blinking...

Ideas on how to get even something?
If no Ethernet cable connection, the led on the RJ45 will not blink.
If the green user defined led blink, it indicates that the system has boot.
You can try another HDMI cable to see the result.

I changed the SD card and now it boots. But now i have another Problem: Whenever i try to connect the Banana Pi directly to my FritzBox Router, it won't get any connection via Ethernet. However, if i force the LAN-port of the FritzBox to stick with 100mb/s they sometimes get an unstable 10mb/s connection. However if I put my switch between Banana Pi an FritzBox there isn't any problem.
Any Ideas?

Sorry, I do not have such problem. Does the cable connect well between Banana Pro and FritzBox?

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