USB disk not recognized on Banana Pi with Raspbian

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I am attempting to add a BanPi server with a USB HDD to my glusterfs deployment. Does anyone have a solution to the issue of USB hard drives not being recognized by Raspbian as devices? I have reviewed the few posts related to this, posted the question, but received no responses. I am testing with a SanDisk thumb drive and a WD USB 2.0 HDD. Both show up on lsusb - recognizable by name as active USB devices. Neither shows up as a /dev/sdX device or in /dev/disk/by-uuid. Does anyone know if this is a driver issue, or configuration problem? As detailed in my other posts, I don't think this is a hardware issue. Help needed on this, please.


If you connect the USB HDD directly into the Banana Pi, the power supply may no be enough. You'd better use a external powered USB HUB to connect to the Banana Pi, and connect the USB HDD into the HUB.
But please be attention that do not use the  USB HUB  that will back powering the Banana Pi, it will harm the Banana Pi.

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Hi Tony,

Thanks for quickly responding.

I have tested the USB HDD with and without a powered USB hub. One hub that I used was from PiHut, made specifically to solve the power problems with Raspberry Pi B and B+. Also the Raspiado board is a Pi-sized externally powered USB hub made for use with Pi's. I tested with that also. Both have been tested on my Banana Pi machines using multiple external power supplies; including one that is a test bench power supply with adjustable voltage and high amps available. This USB drive works on my RasPi B and B+ boards with either of those hubs. Therefore I would expect that the drive would work with both hubs when used on a Banana Pi.

What really puzzles me, but causes me to suspect some problem other than power, is that both Banana Pi units also have exactly the same problem with a USB thumb drive. Again, I tested the thumb drive with and without an externally powered USB hub. And that thumb drive works even directly plugged to my Raspberry Pi machines.

Is it possible that my Banana Pi boards are defective? Are there tests that I can run other than using lsusb to determine if the USB chip is working right?



Has anyone had to make changes to the FEX file to get USB working? I have looked at the default FEX. USB appears to be enabled, but I cannot determine if the parameters supplied are right or wrong for running USB drives.

We do not need to edit the fex file if we download the image from lemaker website. I have used my wester digital USB HDD on my Banana Pro. And also the usb thumb drive.

Ok. I have been using the image from  the lemaker site. Downloaded it within the last 2 weeks. Looks like my units are defectives. Will get those exchanged. Thanks.


I just plugged in a USB enclosure with a 120GB Silicon Power SSD in it - my Banana Pi immediately recognized it and mounted it.

This enclosure draws power from the USB port, so it did not even need external power.

Hi Robert,

I have exactly the same problem as you had with my BPi (it didn't show any sdx in /dev, though lsusb showed there was a USB device). I googled around and found your post here. Initially I suspect it was due to the under-powering of the USB ports, but it didn't even take USB flash keys which doesn't make sense at all (I was using a 5V/2A power adapter which should be sufficiently powerful).

I finally tried another OS image that recognized my USB flash keys. The image that didn't work is a modified Raspbian (Asterix for Banana Pi to be exact, which is great otherwise). The image that works for me is Bananian Linux version 15.01. There might be other images that also work.

Same here.  No USB drive recognition using Rasbian OS, but it works just fine using Arch Linux and Lubuntu, so it's not the hardware, it's the software.

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