Random number generator doesn't work well

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Edited by AlterX at Tue Mar 3, 2015 01:24

I am trying my software that need to generate random number for each request. The code is the same I used successfully on other linux machines and basically is a call to srand() rand() and other stuff to get number bigger.
I have seen that it is always generating 11111111 or 11111112, so I think there is something to do in order to get it properly worked.
I saw that on raspberry it is required to change config file to something like "-o /dev/random" to activate a good entropy.
Bananian is using haveged daemon if I correctly understood, but maybe I need to do some further steps.

Someone knows what the problem above is?

I found out that I have an error: haveged has exit with signal 15

Someone knows what this mean?

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