Android image for 6 Realtek WLAN-Sticks and switch the default Audio output

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liab if you compile bluez and lvds screen to your img this could be avesome for carpc project, i tried lvds settings but i´m pretty sure that there´s much more to do than tony_chang wrote in lvds howto..

i´m about to smash that piece of bpi 7ft underground and buy new rpi2.

That's difficult, because I can't test it. I'am interested for such a display, how is it to buy?

I made a much more better app AUD/WiFi, now timing for default ist not longer critical, and some useful functions like autostart kodi, autoswitch between two different wlan drivers, reboot and shutdown and a little bit more colored. ... -100515.tar.gz?dl=0
Thanks to eclipse and java to make apps and last but not least google with android and the most important - Linux.


Maybe you could try add Resolution and Rotation support to your App?
And, clock speed even?

That would be very good

From ebay ... hash=item2edd6c218d

More info from, ts version doesnt have an howto but nonts does.
Ts is using ft5x chip, thats easy even for me.

Liab, if u need help with testing, my bpi can be testing ground. If it fryes ill post an image from funeral

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Here is another link to LVDS touchscreen for Banana PI, better price and seems like the seller has good feedback. ... ry/32258642677.html

I'm also very interested in an Android image from liab with support for this type of touchscreen

Thats not an ts.. attleast not in pictures..

strtnx replied at Mon May 11, 2015 02:45
Thats not an ts.. attleast not in pictures..

Yes, you a right, I just looked at the title and price. Sorry

it happens

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Liab.. I choosed the (Audio_codec.Audoi_HDMI default) so I can run two extra speakers using banana pro's audio ouput.. All my speakers work fine but every time I turn the volume up I get this message on my screen every half minute  (CVBS cable is pluged in) then I get (CVBS cable is pluged out) How do I go about getting rid of this message? Thanks

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