Kernel panics "skb_over_panic" at random intervals

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Hi all,

I'm using Bananian 15.01 and for a couple of weeks now I've been experiencing kernel panics at random intervals, most of the time I get 1-2 per day but sometimes up to 3 and sometimes there are none for a couple of days. Once this happens I have no access to the banana pi anymore and it stop responding to ping, I only use it as a network unit and therefore I have no keyboard/mouse nor monitor connected to it. I do however have a printer connected to one of the usb ports but the crashes happen even when the printer is turned off.

When the kernel panic happens the red led on the banana pi board shuts off and the blue led is constantly lit and the green one occasionally blinks and this goes on until I reboot the unit. Sometimes I get syslogd messages when the crash happens but not always and when I do get the messages it's always about skb_over_panic:

kernel:[27437.745473] skb_over_panic: text:c03aa41c len:3982 put:3982 head:eebed000 data:eebed040 tail:0xeebedfce end:0xeebedf40 dev:<NULL>
kernel:[27437.778783] Internal error: Oops - BUG: 0 [#1] PREEMPT SMP ARM
kernel:[27439.780950] Process swapper/0 (pid: 0, stack limit = 0xc08842f0)
kernel:[27439.794295] Stack: (0xc0885e38 to 0xc0886000)
kernel:[27439.809742] 5e20:                                                       eebed000 eebed040
kernel:[27439.829069] 5e40: eebedfce eebedf40 c07989c4 00000001 ef047640 ef047640 0000006c 00000001
kernel:[27439.848409] 5e60: 00000f8e c03aa41c 00000000 d0808840 7fffffff 00000100 ef047580 c089b3b4
kernel:[27439.867729] 5e80: 00000040 ef047728 ea7a4080 ef047640 00000001 00000040 d0809d40 d0809d48
kernel:[27439.887126] 5ea0: 002967ed 00000000 0000012c c04c868c c08860c0 c08f16c6 00000000 00000001
kernel:[27439.906501] 5ec0: 0000000c c0886090 c0886080 c0884000 00000102 c0882978 00000003 c003c9b4
kernel:[27439.925970] 5ee0: 20000193 c088b980 c088b9d8 c0896658 00000000 0000000a c0987540 c089e43c
kernel:[27439.945452] 5f00: 00000001 c0884028 c0883178 c0884000 00000075 00000000 c089ab10 00000000
kernel:[27439.964926] 5f20: 00000000 c003cee4 c0896658 c000f1ec c0895520 f1c82000 c0885f58 c0885f8c
kernel:[27439.984455] 5f40: c0884000 c00084f4 c000f53c 60000013 ffffffff c000e500 ffffffed 00000000
kernel:[27440.004052] 5f60: 00000000 00000000 c0884000 c08f8488 c05c29b0 c0884000 c0884000 c089ab10
kernel:[27440.023694] 5f80: 00000000 00000000 002967e9 c0885fa0 c000f538 c000f53c 60000013 ffffffff
kernel:[27440.043363] 5fa0: c000f510 c000f830 00000001 c0896430 d0805200 c0878c5c c08954c0 c089551c
kernel:[27440.062995] 5fc0: 410fc074 c084a848 ffffffff ffffffff c084a2e4 00000000 00000000 c0878c5c
kernel:[27440.082714] 5fe0: 10c5387d c0895518 c0878c58 c089ab04 4000406a 40008044 00000000 00000000
kernel:[27440.373897] Code: e58d0010 e30d0348 e34c007d eb03e4ee (e7f001f2)
kernel:[27440.417665] Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt

I've also noticed something odd/interesting; when the pi freezes my entire LAN stops working for a couple of seconds and I am even unable to ping my router.

I'm still experiencing these seemingly random crashes but I'm starting to suspect that it has something to do with Samba because the last time when the Banana Pi crashed was when my Win7 desktop computer had just booted into the desktop. At that moment I had no other connections going on to the Banana Pi except for Samba. Also, like I said in my previous post, it seems that all network connections die for a few seconds (at least) on my Win7 pc when the Banana Pi crashes.

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