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how I can come to the Recovery menu?
Any ideas?

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Power Down your device and after that boot up your phone while holding volume + and-buttons + power button.
For detailed ways you can refer to this link

Though, I don't know why you want to enter recovery mode, if you are looking for android recovery solutions, you can get more info from the following resource link.

Info resource:

the BananaPro has no volume buttons!
Is there a recovery installed?


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If you need recover data from Android phone, then you can try some android data recovery tools. More tips:

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Android data recovery has satisfied so many users around the world as it was used to recover their lost data, such as contacts, sms, photos, music, videos and so on.

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When you lost data from your android phone, the first thing, check out the backup, whether you have synced the data to Gmail account, or saved on your pc.
Then, you should never add more data to your phone after data loss, cuz they can take up more space, the lost data will be overwritten.
Android Mobile Recovery tool can help you get data back. If you need recover sms, then check thisto recover deleted text messages on android

In order to recover deleted data from android phone . you need to get a android data recovery tool at first. Here I want to recommend : Samsung Recovery. It enable you to recover deleted contacts ,messages,photos, as well as video and audio files, from your android phone in 3 steps.
How to backup and restore android phone

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You should first get into download mode first. Then flash a new ROM to the phone. However, the data will be wiped and you need to use recovery software to get them back.
A great tutorial for Android data recovery: How to recover deleted photos from Android

Hi. For Android recovery, please do check this Android recovery app.
Or check more here:

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