Banana Pro not booting

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I have just received a Banana Pro and mounted it in a case.  I order it with an SD Card containing Debian.  I have inserted the sd card into a PC running Unbuntu read the contents ok.  When I power it up with a 2.1 Amp USB Power Supply (capable of outputting up to 4.2A). The Red Power LED comes on and nothing else happens.  What should happen.  I have a working HDMI monitor plugged in along with a wired keyboard and mouse.

It can be a couple things, SD card or distro, power.
See if you can follow these instructions:
http://www.lemaker.org/resources ... ck_start_guide.html
You can try other distributions from here:

I order it with an SD Card containing Debian.

What is this mean? Do you not download the right OS image and burn it by yourself ?

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