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Hi there,
I recently received a Banana Pi module and wanted to share with you
the troubles, and their solutions, of turning the BPi into a NAS.

Hardware Setup
Software Setup
Wifi Setup
Battery Implementation
maybe: Switch between mobile Hotspot and Wifi-Client via Switch.

I get around 30 Mbyte/s on stock and 40Mbyte/s on 1,2Ghz ( single file ) with it.

I will also write a German version of this post later.

The Hardware Setup:
[spoiler]The BPi itself:
I added a little heatsink I had leftover to it. That is not necessary though.

I also had a spare 3,5" HDD enclosure laying around and decided to use it as a case for the BPi.
There was enough space in it to fit a 2,5" HDD and the BPi.
BPi Case skeleton.jpg

Sadly the dedicated SATA connector for the BPi didn't fit, so I had to make due.

BPi Case.jpg

Plus I ran out of shrinking tubes to cover the open attachment so I used duct tape.
This is just a hotfix though, once I have more tubes I'll cover it with them... I think... maybe...
The HDD end is from an old ATX power supply, the BPi end is a cut off connector from an old Fan.

BPi mount.jpg

I used motherboard spacer to mount the BPi to the enclosure frame.
To achieve this I poked a hole into the plastic with a soldering iron ( with an old, used tip )
then heated up the spacer and screwed the hot spacer into the plastic, works like a charm.

Note: If you use a soldering iron to melt plastic do not inhale the fumes and open your windows!
And only use old used tips! You can't solder with the tip anymore after this.

BPi Case fin.jpg

The power cord is still hanging out at the moment, but I already bought
an extension cable to put the female end in the cover.


To be continued...
( up next, software instructions )
-- reserved --

Hi Splitframe, very detail instruction. Could you please post the "how to " on share section?

Hi Splitframe, very detail instruction. Could you please post the "how to " on share section?

Hi Tony,

I will look into it once I finished the next part.


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Very thanks for you

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Nice !
banaNAS with max 1T0 isn't a little bit small ?

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Thanks for sharing Banana pi into a NAS.

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