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Edited by ranthan2002 at Thu Mar 12, 2015 22:36

anyone get this running ? I tried installing manually with the rasbian downloaded here... but just get a black screen....   any of the pros here can shine some light on it?

here is link http://www.screenlyapp.com/ose.html

thanks in advance!
Edited by kikiloki at Aug 28, 2016 15:49

anyone solved it i got it running well but videos dont play i can show pictures, webpages but videos dont work
or if anyone know alternative... thanks

Edited by kikiloki at Aug 28, 2016 15:54

now i was looking it's probably because it's using omxplayer and i tried it via shell and it wont play it outputs erroris there any way to use alternative player in screenly ose i found where it start video player so i could change that part it's in https://github.com/wireload/screenly-ose/blob/master/viewer.py

on view_video function

update i chanded view_video to
  1. def view_video(uri, duration):
  2.     logging.debug('Displaying video %s for %s ', uri, duration)
  3.     player_args = ['mplayer', uri, '-nosound']
  4.     player_kwargs = {'_bg': True}

  5.     if duration and duration != 'N/A':
  6.         player_args = ['timeout', VIDEO_TIMEOUT + int(duration.split('.')[0])] + player_args

  7.     run = sh.Command(player_args[0])(*player_args[1:], **player_kwargs)

  8.     browser_clear(force=True)
  9.     while run.process.alive:
  10.         watchdog()
  11.         sleep(1)
  12.     if run.exit_code == 124:
  13.         logging.error('omxplayer timed out')
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and installed mplayer with sudo apt-get install mplayer2 but i have no sound output i tried to remove  '-nosound' in player_args array but no difference oh and i need sound via hdmi

audio is over stereo but now i have 2 problems first is that video and audio is not scnyhronized, i guess it's hw acceleration problem (audio is ahead of video) second is that i need to get audio trought hdmi any help? ideas? thanks

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