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The Crapopolis aka 'The Banana Parthenon'

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Behold, The Crapopolis!



The Crapopolis aka 'The Banana Parthenon' is the sacred protective plywood realm that I built last night for bandana - which is the one and only logical hostname for the Banana Pi owned by I - danboid.

If you are unaware, the Banana Pi is a dual-core 1GHz ARM7 SBC with 1GB RAM, SATA2, gigabit ethernet, hardware decoding/playback of (up to) 4K H264 video files via HDMI and so on which I bought for about £33 new! How could I say no to having a silent, fanless, headless Linux server with that spec at that price? Amazing value. I have tried Debian and Ubuntu on it and you could run Android on it if you wanted but I currently run Arch Linux on it because of its low resource requirements, perpetually up-to-date packages and legendary docs. There is also the Banana Pro which includes wifi for £10 more but I had no need for wifi.

I have looked at other cases people have constructed for their Banana Pi's on the BPi forums and some people have put serious time, money and effort and used 3D printers and well-tooled workshops in constructing elaborate, beautiful and well-designed cases. Non of this applies to the Crapopolis. The whole computer cost me less than a night out so why should I spend hundreds on creating or buying a case for it? What I wanted was the cheapest, simplest and easiest case that I could make myself from bits found around the house and that's what I got.

The entire casing cost me a grand total of 99p as I had to actually buy 1m of 9mm thick dowel to construct the mighty columns of the BParth, which are supported by 88 x 118 millimeters of pure ply perfection. It probably took me about 3 hours to make.

I like the way you think, although I am one of those who put a lot of time and effort building a case
In your case, the only thing I would change is the clothespins for a couple of screws

Edited by danboid at Sat Mar 21, 2015 09:30

Hi actkk2000!

I may swap the pins for some sticky-back velcro strips but right now I'm really happy with the oddball edge the pins bring. That's the best bit for me!

I spent muuuuuch much longer creating the case for my Pandaboard a couple of years ago and I filmed that process, which went on for months. One day I might edit and release that video (I've lost motivation as the Pandaboard is pretty dated now) but I don't use the Pandaboard anymore since I got the BPi. The Panda, despite being released about 4 years before the BPi, still has a superior CPU (and GPU too, I think) but the advantages of having SATA2 and gigabit ethernet on its own channel (vs ethernet using the same bus as USB as on the Panda) are much more useful to me. Also, the BPi costs about 1/4 of what a Pandaboard does and you can get hardware video decodng to work with currently available open source drivers and software.

All this despite the fact Allwinner are violating the GPL. I bought my BPi before I knew about their wrongdoings. Hopefully they'll see the light and realise its in the best interests of everyone that they share their code as the GPL says they must, when source is requested, as it has been.

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