How to update Lubuntu without losing data and configs.

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I got a Banana Pi since October 2014 or so and I've seen that there's a new image of Lubuntu. For the moment, I'm using Lubuntu v3.1.1, but is there any way to update to Lubuntu v1412 without losing configurations and packages installed? I would do it all in command lines, because I don't have a screen for the BPi, just using it as a server. Thanks!
You can find the difference between v3.1.1  and v1412 by visiting the website at ... images_updated.html ,and the main difference is the kernel firmware.
So i think that you can use the bp-update to upgrade the kernel firmware to the stable version(3.4.103) which had been used in the Lubuntu v1412. ... ript_bp_update.html

And for future updates?

At the moment, I've done the kernel update, seems all ok!

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