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Hardware accelerated web browser when?

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Edited by jesse at Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:24

Soooo frustrated when I found out there is no hardware accelerated browsers (excluding android) for linux after I already bought it for this specific device.
It was going to be a replacement for the old and shitty dell my grandparents have.

Is there anything around that is like the epiphany browser for the raspi? Is there anyone working on a HW accelerated chromium build?  
It will take a long time (i guess a about a year for something acceptable) and not even be possible to make it run full hd youtube via the browser. So i wouldn't hold my breath :<

If you want your grandparents to have a similiar device you can look at the Pipo X7 or Intel Compute stik and the likes. They come preinstalled with Windows 8.1 which you can make look like Windows 7 with Classic Shell easily.

The price is higher but it is really plug and play - i am really impressed with the performance.

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