Media Server (Kodi) For Banana Pro. and NAS storage -- How to?

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        I recently brought a Banana Pro, I would Like to use the SBC (*Single Board Computer) to to the following things listed below. i tried searching and it ended up in vain. As this is my first SBC, i am a beginner , Please help!

1. Use it as a Media Server Preferably PLEX or Kodi. (Leaving the SBC running 24/7 connected to my TV)

                                       or -- with

2. Use it as a NAS (Network attached storage) to connect a hard drive through the SATA port to the SBC, so that i can use it to access , read , write files from my local wifi network at Home using iPhone, Macbook, Android Phone, and a Windows PC. Mainly used to access and Stream files like Music, Photos, Videos, Movies, etc.

(I Use a  Seperate Wi - Fi Router running on DD-Wrt and don't intend to use my Banana pro as a router. the The routers Read and Write speeds are 600 Mbps, and my Broadband Speed is capped at 50 Mbps for both download and upload. Capable of streaming media such as HD Movies in LAN with no problem.)   
I'm doing something very similar but got stuck with a bad boot of various Android images. Did you ever figure t out?

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For your info: NAS

And Kodi might be a bit hard due to the GPU limited power.
There is a link introducing how to make Kodi works on LeMaker Guitar that might be useful

Also there is another thread finished the XBMC works
http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... &extra=page%3D1

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