The Schematic for Banana Pro

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Everybody can download it for free. If you put it on other website, please make a footnote that it is from www.lemaker.org.

Banana Pro Schematic.pdf (1.62 MB, Downloads: 2854)
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On schematic, does somebody know what's the difference of IPSOUT and ACIN signals?

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ACIN = 5V DC Input jack powersupply.

IPSOUT = Intelligent Power Selection Output.
The Powersupply chip has 3 Power inputs: Jack, USB, Batterie.
At startup the chip probes these inputs in a certain sequence and finally switches a selected Input to the Main Power Supply Output = IPSOUT.
For Bpi its usb as Powersource.

So IPSOUT = 5V as well.

I am actually currently investigating the CSI0 port powersuplly volatages.
If anybody has some knowledge on that?

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PiTom replied at Mon May 4, 2015 10:19
ACIN = 5V DC Input jack powersupply.

IPSOUT = Intelligent Power Selection Output.

CSI0 is A20's port E. Port E is supplied with 2.8V through VCC-PE (pin E19), so all CSI0 are 2.8V IO's. Is that you need to know?

I did a look on AXP209 datasheet and I understood the following:
ACIN is a 5V input, IPSOUT is a 5V output.
There's an internal switch between ACIN and IPSOUT, controlled by AXP209. When AXP209 is not in reset state, the switch is closed, when AXP209 is in reset state the switch is open. Then, considering the RESET button is constantly pressed, the AXP209 mantain IPSOUT disconnected from ACIN, preventing some peripherals to be power supplied, like the two USB host ports and HDMI 5V pin. This is what I understood reading the datasheet...

But in practice this does not occur, I have only one Banana Pro here now, if I maintain the reset button pressed, the AXP209 continues to supply 5V through IPSOUT and the two USB host ports are supplied with 5V. I would like that IPSOUT stay disconnected from any 5V power supply during a reset.

Is it possible to power the BPi pro only from USB hub by connecting the hub-usb cable to usb-a port? I neet more usb ports and I connected a usb-hub. But in this case I need  power supply for hub and power supply for BPi. I want to use only one power supply (of course with enough power).

kahlenberg replied at Sun Aug 2, 2015 02:43
Is it possible to power the BPi pro only from USB hub ... I want to use only one power supply

Given the hub implements specs correctly it should not provide more than 500mA (2.5W). This might be enough but depends on the use case. I recently made a test with a Banana Pro as headless server without any perihperals except of network connected: Won't exceed 2.5W even under highest load. But if you use graphics or attach a disk consumption might easily exceed 5W.
Since your hub will also be fed with 5V you can solve the problem by using one PSU connected to both Banana Pro and hub.

It looks like CON2 is not correct.
Is there an update for the schematic with corrections?

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I think it is not correct. looking for any update???

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