Touchscreen driver problems with Lemaker 3,5" LCD

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I just got the l 3,5" touchscreen LCD from Lemaker
the display works fine on my banana pro, but i have some troubles getting the touch panel working.

I followed these two steps for the configuration:
- updated the boot script replacing it with  the latest banana_pro_35lcd.bin file from Github.
- add lcd and  ft5x_ts to /etc/modules

I tried several configuration, and most of the time I get an issue with the ft5x_ts driver (see log info)

Summary of my tests:
config 1:  fresh raspbian image from Lemaker --> touch working
config 2: updated config 1 (apt-get update / apt-get upgrade) --> touch not working
config 3: debian whezzy with kernel 3.4.106 from ( --> touch not working

Here what the log says:

ft5x_ts_init: after fetch_sysconfig_para: normal_i2c: 0x38. normal_i2c[1]: 0xfffe
ctp_init_platform_resource: tp_reset request gpio fail!
ctp_init_platform_resource: No power port feature present.
incomplete xfer (0x20)
incomplete xfer (0x20)
incomplete xfer (0x20)
i2c-3, xfer timeout

Can anyone help?  Please see here, we need a patch to make it work stable under some OS.

thank you for your answer

Do you know when it will be integrated in the official downloads?

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I just compiled the debian whezzy with kernel 3.4.106 from with the ft5x_ts.c patch.
I also tried again with raspbian but it doesn't work reliable either...

ctp is not detected: I still get i2c-3, xfer timeout at initialization

So I think this patch may only be a workaround in some cases but not a stable working solution

Any other idea?

Edit: just found this irc log:
Maybe something i2c related?

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Zom replied at Sat Mar 28, 2015 06:23

I just compiled the debian whezzy with kernel 3.4.106 from with the  ...

For my situation, I have reboot many time under raspbian, the ft5x_ts can work. But I think it is some other reason in the X sever. I have discussed with Nico (Bananian developers ), we do not know why.
One of the disadvantages of I2C is it can not work stable like spi.
I do not check the 3.4.106 kernel with the debian wheezy either.

update: I could finally get it working under debian wheezy by including the latest i2c driver in the kernel build

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Zom replied at Sun Mar 29, 2015 06:38
update: I could finally get it working under debian wheezy by including the latest i2c driver in the ...

hey Zom: can you describe how you got it to work and how you included the i2c driver in the kernel build? I have a feeling this is involved but hopefully one can follow what you did...

I have the latest bananian installed and added the ft5x_ts file to my modules list but still no luck getting the touch to work...




It is now included in the latest image from Igor (version 2.5 and above)
I have actually no experience with Bananian ...

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