Can't run an executable application

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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently running the latest image of Lubuntu on my Banana Pro.

My team is developing an application which we plan to deploy both on a Windows machine and on the bPro.

However, we're having some problems getting our app to run on the bPro (even though it runs perfectly fine on our Ubuntu desktop).

When we first tried running the app by doing a /<filename> on the terminal, we got an error prompt saying command not found. We did a double-click on the display, and we got the error:

"No default application is set for MIME type application/x-executable"

It also asked us to choose an application.

We did a sudo chmod +x, and also checked the "allow execution" checkbox under Properties>Permissions of the file for good measure.

Now, when we double-click on the file, we get a message saying "This file is an executable. Do you want to execute it?" and when we click on the 'Execute' button, nothing happens.

This is very frustrating for us because we bought the Banana Pro specifically to be used with this application and now we're running into this issue.

Can anyone shed some light on the problem? I've been around google for hours, and most of what I've seen simply say that either the application can't run on linux (it can, since we developed and ran it on our Ubuntu desktops), or something to do with how the file-manager of the Lubuntu?

You mean ... the same executable ??????

Hi Man, no we compiled 2 versions of the application—one for Windows (which runs fine), and another for linux.

The linux application runs perfectly on our Ubuntu 64bit desktop, but won't run at all on the Banana Pro Lubunutu setup.

Any advice?

By "Ubuntu desktop", you mean a PC ?
If so an x86 can't run on ARM.

If compiled for ARM, it may be a library or liker issue and Gdb will be your friend.

Hi! Yeah, right now I'm thinking it might be an issue with the lib or linker. We were able to get it to run on our Ubuntu x86 computer, and we had made sure not to use any architecture-specific dependencies and commands, but it seems like it's still an issue.

We're building using Lazarus.

I duno Lazarus but you didn't replied to my question : to you target the executable to be for ARM ?
Because, as said, x86 binary can't work on a Banana.

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