XBMC Gotham 13.1 on Android 4.2

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   Hello!Try with this one. It contains definition for Free and Pro edition of MX Player.
I'll look for Plex and your suggestions. Seems interesting




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Thanks for the file. I've already installed XBMC 13.1 (the latest stable) together with a PlexBMC addon and some nice Plex-related skins. But as expected the playback of high quality MKVs was not impressive (lags and stutters), so MXPlayer is really needed to fix that. That one's also already installed, like I told you before, so this XML file should be the one missing piece that makes it all come together.

Best regards: dlanor

Can MX Player not work for media streaming over the network?

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Can MX Player not work for media streaming over the network?
mattrix Posted at 2014-7-19 00:14

MXPlayer has a rather limited GUI, and I don't think it supports browsing network shares.
So in stand-alone use it's not a good replacement for more flexible tools like XBMC or a Plex client.
But it is excellent as an external player to be called by those programs.

MXPlayer can play media stored on network shares, provided that it's called with appropriate arguments.
But this is not always obvious, as it depends on the program that does the calling.

Here are some examples:

It works fine if I use 'ES File Explorer' to browse my SMB fileshares and launch one through MXPlayer.
It also works fine if I use the 'Serenity' Plex client to choose a video from the networked library and play it through MXPlayer.
It even works fine if I play the very same networked video from the Plex library using PlexBMC to launch it through MXPlayer.
So for that case XBMC can play this networked video through MXPlayer.

But if I use the XBMC menu command 'Video > Files' to open a filebrowser and there go into the SMB shares and choose a video, then XBMC will mess up, showing a popup message that MXPlayer will be started even though that never happens.

And that failure will happen even when I choose exactly the same file that worked fine in the previous example, when XBMC found it through PlexBMC instead of its native fileshare browser. Evidently this results in calling MXPlayer in different ways, with different arguments, even though it is the same physical file in both cases.

Best regards: dlanor

Thanks for the file. I've already installed XBMC 13.1 (the latest stable) together with a PlexBMC ad ...
dlanor Posted at 2014-7-19 00:05

   Happy that was helpful ;-)

Simon does the Mali video acceleration code
http://forum.lemaker.org/viewthr ... page%3D1&page=3
help at all? Can that be built in?  If so I am going to TOSS my PC TV and use XMBC and Android and the Banana Pi.

Simon does the Mali video acceleration code

help at all? Can that be built in?  If so I am going t ...
ChicagoBob Posted at 2014-7-25 09:06

   Do you mean here with Android? With Android all is working perfectly.Wuth Linux we've still some issues...

I wonder only if someone could test whether Android in this setup is capable to send the audio stream via HDMI in passthrough mode. I cannot test it right now, because my ampli doesn't have a HDMI input, only SPDIF. I've ordered a HDMI to HDMI+SPDIF splitter.
Could someone made this test?
I've tested this extensively but no success so far..

AC3 always gets downmixed to PCM. DTS plays with ffmpeg custom codec pack but also gets downmixed.

No passthrough is available, at all. It seems this is also not on the calendar for MX Player at the moment.

If anyone has this working, I'd be very interested to know.

I've tested the HDMI passthrough with my BananPi wich sends the audio-signal to my TV, wich sends it to my HiFi System using a AUX cable. Its all working fine.

But my problem is, watching a DVD Rip(I own the DVD) in *.mkv, I just have 20 fps max. ..
With other *.mkvs I do not have this problem.  The fact wich is confusing me is that the DVD *.mkv is in normal DVD quality (not sure about audio) and the other *.mkvs in 1280x720p...
So how is this possible and how can I solve this problem?
Thanks a lot!

SD DVD is, 720x486 or 720-x480 (NTSC) or 720x576 PAL.
Most apps including XBMC scales that up to fit an HD monitor and
does a nice job of it.  1280x720p is 720p H.D and not normal DVD quality.
so I am a bit confused.

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