XBMC Gotham 13.1 on Android 4.2

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Here you are discussing a video playback issue, and you seem to focus only on the fps and pixel resolution, which are of far less importance than the overall bitrate of the media.

You can have a 576p DVD rip with far higher bitrate than a 1080p BD rip, depending on what tool you used for the ripping and the settings you used with that tool, for compression and track selection etc.

A rip made with "MakeMKV" will have no extra compression, and will often have a bitrate of 5 to 6 Mbps for DVD and MUCH higher for bluray. But a rip made with "Handbrake" (and other tools) will usually be recompressed for a lower bitrate than the original disc content, and for older rips bitrates of 1 to 2 Mbps were common, even for HD material.

So in comparing playback results you always need to include the video bitrate, as well as some other info on what the media stream contains. For example, some DVD releases include multiple audio tracks as well as tons of subtitle tracks in various languages. And this means that the media player program will need to handle a lot more data than the parts it actually uses (since at most one audio track and one subtitle track will be in use at any given time).

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I followed the instructions, and I added in the userdata folder the file playercorefactory.xml.
When I go to play a movie the following message appears: "External Player Active: Click OK when playback has ended".


On android is unnecessary to use external player in xbmc...

The hw accell is working with the base xbmc. You can watch 720, 1080p hd videos also.

There are some blueray and higher bitrate videos what junks, but the normal bitrate videos are ok.

Try the latest Kodi nightly bravely.

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