Android 4.2 Mattrix XBMC Image - (UPDATED 2014.11.11)

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I have created a new thread HERE for the new release as this was getting pretty long.
Very nice work. XBMC shows 28 fps, both cpu's 70-80%, when playing a 720x384 avi.  MX player also works but I do not know how I can check cpu load.

Are the apps installed automatically? Right after startup I did not see them but after a few minutes they appeared.

I enabled 'show cpu usage' in developer options. MX Player shows a load of 2.7-2.8, XBMC 3.5-3.8. Default (nothing playing) seems to be 1.5.

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Well done Mattrix!Do you have added the DTS codec for MX Player as well?

Nice work. It should give newcomers a cleaner start.
I'll probably test this in a couple of days myself.
(Though I'm rather happy with the setup I've already prepared here.)

Best regards: dlanor

Hi matrix,
I'm using the previous image you made does this version improve play store compatibility or is there anything that can be done about it?

There is something that can be done by that

I can "fake" what device Playstore thinks it's running on.

What App are you trying to get?

Do you know what it is in-compatible?

I don't have windows OS.
Can i burn this image on linux ?

Pretty sure you need to use PhonixCard.

However, someone may be nice and burn it to a SD card, and then create a normal image that you could use DD with.

My upload speed is not very good, so I can't upload large images.

I will have a play around tonight and see if I can make a normal squashed image for you.

You will just need to DD it to an SD card and then expand the partion

If i can help tell me !

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