Android 4.2 Mattrix XBMC Image - (UPDATED 2014.11.11)

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nice work,

only  the subtitles does not download.
failed downloading sub

I assume you're talking about XBMC failing to download subs for playback of some video files.
Most likely that is an issue with the XBMC configuration, or even with that XBMC release version having some generic problem.

In any case, such problems can not be solved here, since none of us is involved in the development of that XBMC app. It's just been added as-is by mattrix into the new Android image that he prepared.

Best regards: dlanor

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    You have right it is the xbmc Setup.
Now I set this well I already seen 6 films on HD. Full HD goes after 20 min indicate that the cache is full.
So look I just HD until something better comes.
Super thanks for the image I had almost given up the Bpi.

hi, is posible add cwm recovery to android image?

I never really saw the point in recovery on devices like this?
Isn't recovery just formatting the card, and re-writing the image?

I'm not sure.
If it can restore the system without affecting installed apps and their data, that would make a big difference.
But if it wipes like a factory restore, then everything is lost, and it would be easier to just flash a new card.

Best regards: dlanor

I want to try to run my logitech k400r installing other kernels with the method update. zip, and all the possibilities that offer today the recoverys.

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I've downloaded it and it works fine so far! Added the youtube app within xbmc and it plays everyones favorite stream site flawlessly in 720p. Ain't nobody say it couldn't be done!

Two things
1. The standard resolution in xbmc is set to 720p and I can't change it to 1080p?
2. No direct youtube app for android available through playstore?

Edit: I assume the 720p video is decoded on the cpu alone? I know that Lubuntu Mplayer could do that with mid/low bitrate 720p h264 video at 90% cpu load.

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Reply 9# mattrix
Pretty sure you need to use PhonixCard.

However, someone may be nice and burn it to a SD card, and then create a normal image that you could use DD with.

Hi, I just did that. I didn't even boot it once before repacking it using Win32DiskImager. ... Hc/edit?usp=sharing

Now I could test it

Only problem with an image like that, is that the partions won't be using the full size of the SD card?
That is what is kinda cool about Phoenix images, they aren't specific to a size of SD card.
They must set the partitioning to use the whole SD when writing maybe?

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