Android 4.2 Mattrix XBMC Image - (UPDATED 2014.11.11)

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Dear Mattrix,

The download link can't download.

Best Regards,
chiquitita Posted at 2014-8-21 20:06

I confirm this as well. I just tried it, and even with full script permissions that page just shows the site login stuff at the top and a spinning circle in the screen center.   Possibly that upload had a timed expiration.

Since this is an important image file for newcomers to use I suggest that it be placed for permanent download somewhere.
I could do it myself, since I do have a copy of it, but since you released it you are the one to decide its fate... ;)

Best regards: dlanor

hi, does this new version allows to run apps like BBC Iplayer, Filmon etc? on the previous version bbc iplayer says it cannot find a network connection and filmon just does not work.

I just want to say that the download link in the first post is working again now.
Possibly the earlier failure was just due to some temporary problem with that cloud site.

Best regards: dlanor

seems it's down again!!!

Dlanor,with Matrix's permission,could you please upload it somewhere more reliable.
Or maybe Matrix himself could do it...


Thanks for this ROM.
It's almost perfect:
I can play HD AVI and DVD ISO with the native XBMC player via SMB share.
And I can play HD MKV too with the native player, without using the MXplayer one.
Without doing any tips or treaks.

I updated XBMC to KODY, and it's working also perfectly.

I tryed to set the output video to 1020P (24i/s to 60 i/S) instead of the default 720P via the android settings menu, and i see some black flash from times to times. Does any one confirm? Or do I have to do more things to have a real full HD output?

It might be perfect if we can use the HDMI-CEC.

Why xbmc with some mkv file (1080p) goes in spurts?
Even Mx player with some movies in 720p or 1080p stutters with decoder H/W, instead with decoder S/W image is fluid but can not hear the audio.

Anyone feel free to upload it.
let me know the DL link and I will add as a mirror.

Post Last Edited by dlanor at 2014-8-26 08:21

I've placed the "STOCK-MOD.7z" package on a DL site affiliated with my ISP, which has excellent speed and has always worked very reliably for me. I'm providing two links here.

The first one is for a folder containing this image file package and a descriptive text file, but this is also where I may add future image files of the same nature (same Android version).
Link to "Android 4.2" folder

The second link is for direct download of the image file.
DL link for "STOCK-MOD.7z" file

Feel free to add either link or both as a mirror in your first post here (or elsewhere).

Best regards: dlanor

Thanks a lot Ronald...the original link was evading me for quite some time.

help! banana black screen when pi starts the rom, I'm using the video output av, will this cause? some idea of the problem?

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