Android 4.2 Mattrix XBMC Image - (UPDATED 2014.11.11)

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My problem is, hardware acceleration does not work out of the box for me, not even with MX Player. Working out of the box is the only reason I try to use Android until it works on a Debian based Linux.

Hi matrix. Thanks for your reply. original image has the mobile network option enabled but in your modified image its not. your modified image has some bug fixes , so i wanted to use that. so can u tell me how to enable it? Thanks

I removed a few settings from my image that I thought weren't required.
I would need to add that settings back into the APK.

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think you need the MX Player Codec ARM7 NEON addon from playstore as well

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Thanks for that tip, that got it working at least partial. I got a 1080p mkv running almost fluently, only the sound hat a few hiccups here and there, no big problem. But I managed to find another mkv which doesn't run with hardware acceleration, same audio and video codec (AVC/FLAC), I guess it's a generel MX Player problem, but maybe somone else encountered it and knows of a solution. The actual problem there is, that the working mkv has a profile set to high, those who don't work to high 10. There are differences, mainly the framerates and that somehow doesn't work. All differences found here (

Working on new image now

Updating XBMC
Adding overclocking (same as Banianan uses)

Also, will try to get it so MX Player is setup with XBMC from first boot

Can somehow please share what is needed
XBMC + MX Player + MX Player Codec + Player-factory?

I will be writing an init script that runs on first boot to set it up.

Or, does anyone know what file I can modify in the android that gets mounted as the filesystem in Dragonface?


Yep, a clean one with the last MX Player + appropriate MX Neon Codec (version .31 last time I checked).
Maybe kodi alpha 3 instead of XBMC Gotham, which was pretty stable for me.

You think you can use the init script to put in the right place the xml file needed to use MX Player from kodi ?

On my personnal todo list, I still have:
- Assign French Keyboard + TimeZone by default
- Make Logitech k400 keuboard working

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Yes. Making some init scripts that run on every boot, and only on first boot
These could then modify the android filesystem.

I might go the latest Kodi then.

Do you have your playerfactory.xml to share?
Also, any settings need changing in MX Player?

I didn't change anything on MX Player.

My playerfactory is the really basic one redirecting everything to MX Player free, here is a link to it:

Also, should I change the image to actually output 1080P?

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