No internet from network-manager-gnome

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Hello fellow Banana Pi and Pros

I am trying to get the network-manager-gnome to work in order to have a GUI for network and openvpn. I am using MATE desktop by the way.

The problem is even though the network-manager works for LAN it doesnt connect to the internet. I can access it fine on my network but the bPi cant connect to the internet.

Here is my /etc/network/interfaces

auto lo

iface lo inet loopback

If i make a static ip or dhcp in the interfaces config then there is no problem (i guess it overrides the networkmanager?)

I can set a static ip in networkmanager and that will work with the config above. - - is my settings in networkmanager.

What am i doing wrong? Anyhelp is apreciated!


No one can give any tips?

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