Power On after shutdown

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Hi Community,

I´ve bought a banana pi on the basis of 1 Gigabit Ethernet Card. So I tested a Rasbpian Image and after testing I shutdown the system. Now I cannot start the system. The LED is on but no boot process is coming.

How can I start the pi?

Did the green led blink?

Reply 2# tony_zhang

Thanks for your answer. LED is only shine red/orange.

Yesterday I installed with Rasbpian Image successfully. Today I created a Image with Debianinstallation but I cannot boot it. Only red LED is shining.

Reply 3# rout86

Hi, rout86

There are a few ways to check,
1. check the power supply (a stable adapter, 5V2A from wall is preferred.)
2. check the SD card slot.  My microSD to SD adapter is unstable and broken, it can not boot successfully.
3. check the SD memory, sometimes I can boot just after I re-format SD

In addition, you can get more information from console out log message.

my cents for your reference ;-)

Reply 3# rout86

Is it barely shining or is it lit just like normal LED?

Reply 5# rozie

The green led is controlled by driver. How did you install Debian?

Reply 6# tony_zhang

I used Raspbian. I noticed that in one configuration (HDD plugged directly to BPi) the red LED barely shined and it didn't boot.

But it's possible to install Debian using debootstrap and Raspbian kernel.

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