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Running Android 4.2 on BPi Pro downloaded from
HDMI output to Sony KDL-40W600B.
720p display setting.
The Sony does not display the entire screen image.  It is only the upper left corner (most of the width, some of the height).
Other things seem to be working well.  LUbuntu and Raspian worked.
I am not partial to Android, it just appeared to possibly the best for video.  I'm not sure how it would be able to interface with a DVD player.

What I am trying to do is use the BPi Pro to view DVDs and BlueRay on a SATA optical drive and watch videos streamed over the internet.
It is using WiFi right now for LAN/WAN and video streams can be kind of slow.

Any suggestions?

I think because you set your display monitor to 720p to fit Android image resolution setting. You can just try set your monitor to auto mode.
And about the DVD player, I do not know how to connect.

The WiFi speed is slow to transfer the DVDs and BlueRay over the internet..

Thanks Tony.
The only thing running over WiFi is the web videos, like YouTube.
The DVD drive is direct SATA (separate power supply), but I haven't seen that running on Android.  I would expect it to work for tablets.
What is the state of Android 4.4 for BananaPi Pro?
Is WiFi working yet?
Does it really need 2 power connections to boot if it is installed on the SD card (or is that for a SATA drive install)?


The Android 4.4 now developed by me do not need 2 power connections, I am now testing some HDMI issue. I will upload a version at May.

Hi Tony.
Thanks for all your work on this system.  It looks like you are pretty much a one man show for the Banana Pi.  I look forward to trying the new Android 4.4.

I have had some luck with the DVD issue on Lubuntu.  I can play CDs.  I can play DVDs through MPlayer, though it doesn't understand the DVD menu system so you have to select the right file.
VLC does not seem to work on the Lubuntu OS on BPi.  To get mplayer working I found:
Run as root:
apt-get install lubuntu-restricted-extras
(or: apt-get install libdvdread4)
apt-get install build-essential debhelper fakeroot autotools-dev
{edit, change to libdvdcss_1.2.13.orig.tar.bz2 (not .gz)}
then run:
files loaded by the script are at:

VLC won't play DVDs and it cannot even be closed as an application (Quit/Exit).  It won't pause once started.  No play progress.  No changing its status.  So it seems it has a serious issue.  I ran it in the terminal to dump the debug to a file.  I don't see any obvious errors (that weren't fixed by the codec install above).
If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears.

I have yet to look into getting YouTube working reasonably, even at 360p.


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