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Hi all,

good news I managed to put back online a repo, with liab sources version for now. The infamous svox is out of the repo now, and need to be cloned from google repo directly (check the readme on the repo). I hope this will be enough to be away from DMCA notification.

The new repo is there:

I will put back the lemaker and Mattrix version later.

Just to make you aware, I have no time to maintain it (as you probably noticed ;) ), so if any volonter want to involve, I will transfer the repo to him.

Mattrix, can you pin this post please, I will update it when I'll add the others repos.
thanks for posting the repository.

Hello ChrisP,
I am pleased to see you here again.

In my mixed sources I improved a lot. Who is interested, can download the changes here: ... .2-Liab.tar.gz?dl=0

1. lichee is complete
2. In android use the complete new folders device and hardware and use from frameworks the files in the last folder. It's important for 5 button mouses. Middle=menue, side1= Home, side2=Mute
3. Take the new scripts and user folders
4. Read the readme's

liab can you share your lastest android img. ?


Thanks Mattrix ^^

Liab, to understand the changes, what folder should I reinject in my repo to be up to date without replacing everything ?

If I understand well you post, it should be folders:

What about lichee, the full folder ?

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Hi ChrisP,
The changes in lichee are not so much, but to have the same it's better to swap the whole lichee.
The same with the whole folders android/hardware and android/device.

In android/frameworks only rename the original files input.h and InputReader.cpp to -org and insert the new input.h and InputReader.cpp.

You will find it here in #27

Ok, I integrated the changes and pushed them back to the repo.

Could you please tell me if it's ok now the way you want it ?

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ChrisP replied at Fri Apr 10, 2015 09:45
Ok, I integrated the changes and pushed them back to the repo.

Could you please tell me if it's ok  ...

Hi ChrisP, thank you for your work! It works perfect!

WLAN works, a five button wireless mouse works, sata works and the four additional commands are working and the BusyBox v1.23.1 (2015-03-13 04:13:22 CET) multi-call binary is very busy.

For all who want to build it, here a short instruction, but all you find in the readme:

1. clone the git
2. copy /lichee/linux-3.4/arch/arm/configs/bpi_defconfig to /lichee/linux-3.4/.config
3. if wanted make your own thing in .config
4. goto /ANDROID/scripts/ and open a console
5. time ./
in 5 minutes its ready
6. time ./
choose 15, 17 works too, I use it to play with the mk's and flex files
in 50 minutes its ready and the image is in /lichee/tools/pack/

If there is an error, you have the wrong Linux. I compiled zig projects, believes me, kubuntu 12.04 32 is the best, but for android the 64 Bit version is strongly necessary. I never use a VM, in our time HDD's are unbelievable cheap, no reason to use a VM.

Edited by ChrisP at Sat Apr 11, 2015 09:16

Cool, glad to see something so usefull back online available for everybody

In addition, to avoid any further DMCA notification on the repo, I removed the svox folder from android/external, but you can get it directly from google sources. However, it doesn't seems mandatory for most usages.

I give up putting back the lemaker and Mattrix version online, I just have the push hanging after a while. I think I was very lucky putting this one, and since I consider to be the best of all, it's perfect

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