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I have managed to download, burn and use the Android For BananaPro v1503 image. If you search the forums for my user name you can see some of the issues and resolution (if any) I have had. This thread is to talk about my use of the image software.

Overall the software works great. It has been running non stop for about 2 days as of this post. I was not able to connect to my wireless network using the built in wifi adapter on the Banana Pro so I am using an external USB powered gaming adapater (TP Link TL-WR702N). I am powering it off the Banana Pro USB and hard wire into the ethernet port.

I have installed the following software from the Play Store.

- Netflix (runs but freezes and no sound)
- Amazon Music (runs no problem)
- Pandora (runs no problem)
- TuneIn Radio (runs no problem)
- Koi Live Wallpaper (runs no problem)
- Gmail (came preinstalled) (runs no problem)

I could not find Crackle, or Amazon Instant Video in the Play Store for download. I am sure it is being excluded based on the Android version that is being reported because both of these applications are available for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

I hope the future brings more updates for Netflix, and Amazon Prime, and the other missing applications. As of now I am impressed with the over all speed of the Banana Pro and its functionality. My ultimate reason for purchasing the Banana Pro is to have a HTPC using Kodi, and to run the other applications listed in this post. As well as keep a grocery list, and other such things to "automate" my living room. It would also be great! if I could use a ZWave USB or other add on board to run ZWave devices at the same time as the other software.

I am also looking for a screen saver application if anyone has any ideas. While playing music for hours it would be nice to have a screen saver and avoid burn in.

Thank you. Please post replies if I can help anyone.
As far as I know, xbmc has visualisation plugins, which works like screensaver.

I was not able to connect to my wireless network

Do you have connect the antenna ?


For some reason Netflix has started working. I changed nothing. It still freezes up some times, but a simple exit and restart gets it back on track.

As far as the wireless network. Yes I have connected the antenna that came with the BPro. I can see the available wireless networks, but when I put my password in for my network it will not connect. For now I am continuing to use the ethernet gaming adapter. I will try to swap to a different router to see if that makes a difference.

XBMC (Kodi) screen saver is great if I am in that application but I would ideally like a screen saver that works regardless of the application I am using, i.e. such as I have listed.

I installed Android on my BananaPi Pro but not satisfied with the installation.

The booting is too slow. It takes more than a minute to come to the Android screen.  Playstore screen is not coming up but exits after some time.  I could not installing anything new.  

I have connected using builtin WiFi to my home router.  I used a 8GB micro-SD card but the storage shows only 2GB used.  Can I just use a 2GB card.  what is the minimum micro-SD required for Android.  How can I speed up the booting.

How do I shutdown Android.  Currently I use the mains power off or remove the micro-USB to shutdown.  This may not save the settings.

I want to install Kodi on the BananaPi for use as a multimedia device.

What is the class of your SDcard? Class 10 is recommended. You can read topic about booting from SSD. I didn't try, but apparently it speed up everything.

kostuch replied at Sun Apr 26, 2015 06:35
What is the class of your SDcard? Class 10 is recommended. You can read topic about booting f ...

I used Class 10 SD card.

I loaded android again and now it worked faster though sometimes it exit the playstore without doing anything.  I have installed Kodi Helix after downloading from the site.

How do I use the IR interface for remote.  I have used Raspbmc on Raspberry Pi with custom lirc.conf file for IR remote control.  Can I used the same config file.  How do I actiivat the built-in IR on BPi pro.  Also how to enable SSH on android.

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