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Hello, I have uart/max232 modul connected to Bpi GPIO, I have enable uart.3 in fex for 2 wires (rx,tx). I am able to communicate with another device. With baud rate 115200 is all ok, but with 9600 baud rate the hexadecimal data are distorted. When I send x01 from Bpi I get xC1 on the other size.
What is the problem?

Thank you
Are U sure it's not a problem of parity, data length or such ?
Because, I'm using a simple transistors based level converter (on my site), and I'm not suffering for such issue.

I am sure, because it works good with 115200 baudrate. What baudrate do you use? And which parameters do you have in fex for the port and stty and setserial util?
Thank you

Everything is at this page (in French, but google translator is your friend isn't it ?).

It's for the console and it is configured for 115200 bd too but I tried with 9600 as well and it was working.

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