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I am working on a pro-audio use for the banana-pro and the banana looks to be the perfect platform.  I have been comparing it to the odroid-c1.  But the ubuntu kernel it is using gives me freezes every time the jack audio gets any xruns.  So right now, the banana is the way.

However, my application needs a very low latency or realtime kerneal and I don't see any rt kernels available for the banana.  The odroid-c1 has an rt kernel but with the freezing problem it is not viable at this time.

I see no discussions of a rt kernel for the banana.  Is there one?  

If not, I am willing to try building a custom rt kernel?  But I have never done this and and have only looked at this the last couple days.  It looks like a big enough job that I don't want to jump in if its already been done by someone.

If there is one, where do I find it?
If not, any help on kernel building and patching of the rt kernel would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Mark,

Have you had any success regarding the real time kernel? I am also developing an app using JACK that need low latency and am thinking of building a real time kernel.


RT patches for 3.4.108 (with .disabled) ... ernel/sun7i-default

If you will use the tool, than remove .disabled in the filename and rerun.

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