Determining what model I'm running on

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Correct. Not yet for Pi vs PRO yet ... but I'll fix that once ;)  Not that critical as for R1.

No, I don't want a script.bin for both.  I am running a script which I want to be able to have detect the type of device it is interacting with so that it can install the correct script.bin itself (rather than relying on a GUI prompt running on the device).

There is no 'script.bin for both'

If you would use Igor's image you could simply do what you want right now. He ships with a script.bin for Banana Pi which has also the Wi-Fi/SDIO stuff enabled. This is the prerequisit to check the existence of the AP6181 Wi-Fi chip (due to the way hardware initialisation works on Allwinner devices -- hardware that isn't connected logically via script.bin/fex or dts/dtb to the SoC isn't physically available!).

In case you detect it using
  1. modprobe ap6210
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you can exchange script.bin (overwriting script.bin with /root/bananapro.bin which enables GPIO stuff on the Pro/M1+) and you're done. It's that easy and maybe Igor will add this behaviour with v2.7 of his image.

You could do the same with/for Bananian right now using bin2fex/fex2bin and comparing the relevant settings or by relying on Igor's default script.bin.

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Dude, do you even read what I write?

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