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Cross compile Lazarus Banana Pi

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Hello everybody!

As I recently bought myself a Banana Pi, I started to code some Free Pascal (using CodeTyhon) to work with the banana pi. However, I can't seem to get the cross compilation right.

In CodeTyphon, I used the libraries of arm-linux-pi and a crossbuild for arm-linux. This worked for the basic form1 project (default project in Lazarus/Typhon)

So I thought everything was ok but now, when using other components, I get errors while linking: crtio.o : File format not recognized.
I am also not sure whether it compiles for ARM7 (as I choose OS: Linux, Processor Family: ARM Processor: default (as ARM7 does not link)

Could anybody help me create the correct library needed to cross compile from 64 bit linux to the banana pi?

Thanks in advance!
I already fixed it myself.

Using codetyphon arm-linux--eabihf toolchain and grabbing the libraries from the banana pi itself, I was able to compile and run it.

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