FYI: Pollin LS-7 1024x600 HDMI display connected to Banana Pi / Lamobo R1

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Edited by tkaiser at Sun May 10, 2015 06:55

I ended up with the following timing/resolution values for a 7" LCD display with 1024x600 pixels driven via HDMI:
  1. mode "1024x600-60"
  2.     # D: 49.200 MHz, H: 37.500 kHz, V: 60.001 Hz
  3.     geometry 1024 600 1024 1200 32
  4.     timings 20325 144 40 17 4 104 4
  5.     vsync high
  6.     accel true
  7.     rgba 8/16,8/8,8/0,8/24
  8. endmode
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Get fbset (on Debian "apt-get intall fbset") put the code above at the end of /etc/fb.modes and add one line with
  1. fbset "1024x600-60"
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to /etc/rc.local and you're done. Resolution/timings are also valid for X sessions started afterwards.

Like the cardboard box

actkk2000 replied at Sun May 10, 2015 10:10
Like the cardboard box

Just a quick hack to let convection work. Unfortunately the Lamobo R1 consumes far more power than normal Banana Pi/Pro/M1+ and due to this the AXP209 on the lower side of the PCB gets pretty hot even when nothing's to do:

(BPi-Monitor displayed in iceweasel running in Kiosk mode)

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