Banana Pi R1 wifi TX power

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how much power is Tx rate of banana pi R1 ? Is posible to controll power on bananian ? Please let´s me know how many mW / dB is basic power of wifi transiver ?
I have Banana pi R1 and 2x 5dBi anthenas. And 1m next to router i have same signal like from router that is behind 2 walls. May be reason that i have ufl- RSMA connectors from china ?

The Lamobo R1 uses an el cheapo RTL8192CU chipset connected via USB. Have you ever seen any professional AP using this chipset? Me not.

This chipset is for really cheap devices that should not consume that much energy like eg. tablets or USB sticks on mobile devices. And it's known for driver hassles on Linux.

I would give Igor's Lamobo R1 image with mainline kernel a try and see if it's better there (I used his image with kernel 3.4.107 and just checked AP functionality: It works there too but the signal strength is poor -- will try again on weekend and do some measurements). If it works there you nailed the problem down to be software/driver/settings related.

And please also keep in mind that since this device is made with energy efficient client useage in mind the driver might try to disable/weaken Wi-Fi to save power.

I try last version of Igor ´s Lambo .. That really better i have 10 dB more signal... but still one meter next to router is power -70 dB (wifi chanelyzer to mobile) and.. on the end of room i have -90 that is to low to use to acces. It must be problem of connectors.. Don´t buy connectors from china ! I have new question, did you try on this image controll somethink with gpio ?

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