Banana Pi M2 - OS Images Download Page?

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Where can I find OS Images for the brandnew Banana Pi M2 (quad-core; A31s)? I'm looking especially for Debian and (L)Ubuntu. On the lemaker download page there ain't any images for the M2.

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@ actkk2000: Thanks for your quick response! Its a little confusing for me, I have some questions to get things straight:

* Is that the only available source for OS images for the Banana Pi M2? It appears only Raspbian is working, at least partly.

* Is there any chance I can run (L)Ubuntu on the M2?

* Is it possible to use the Raspberry Pi 2 or Banana Pi (Pro) images for the Banana Pi M2? Maybe with a tweak or even out-of-the-box?

* Or can I try to "build" my own Lubuntu image for the M2? I saw that Ubuntu is providing an ARM image officially.

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Sry, not sure but maybe you should ask to bananapi.com support guys on this...
There is also a forum:

Edit: there might be a Bananian image in the future:

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