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Hi, please help with onboard wi-fi

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I have installed Raspbian on banana pro, although I can't seem to get the onboard wifi to recognize when type in ifconfig all i can see is "eth lo and tunl0" how do I enable the onboard wi-fi to connect to my router?

And one more thing, I try to change the default password by typing: sudo raspi-config and select the change password accordingly. But then I get an error instead "There was an error running option 2 Change User Password" instead. Please help

Thank You,

p.s: this is my first Banana Pro so please bear with me.
See if these instructions help on wifi:
Also see if this works in this case:
http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... 32&fromuid=1602

Cool thank...

sudo modprobe ap6210
sudo nano /etc/modules
And then add the "ap6210" below the file, save and exit. Reboot

I guess I didn't read all of it...


I don't want to open another thread, but if you can answer what is tunl0 do? and yes I have googling it but not enough info... might as well ask the pro here

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